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Still looking for a videographer for your wedding in 2016?

Or are you looking for a videographer to shoot a commercial for your business?

I have recorded numerous people on tape and file, ranging from Ambassadors authors, to Country Music Super Stars such as JASON BLAINE, JASON MCCOY, DALLAS SMITH, CHAD BROWNLEE and TIM HICKS, plus
I have shot videos for Canadian Tire, Notch Video and CogecoTV, Trevor Thurlow knows how to shoot in both High-Definiton and Standard-Definition, and knows how to get the shots you want.

So call or text 613-281-0790 or email trevorthurlowproductions@gmail.com today to get the video that you want.


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Phone: 613-281-0790

Email: trevorthurlowproductions@gmail.com

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