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  • Costs just $15 per video hour; extra copies are just $10.  Lowest professional transfer prices in Canada, but with the highest quality.
  • Turnaround time of 2-4 days for 6 hours or less.  6.5 - 10 hours require up to 7 days.  More than 10 hours will require additional time.
  • DV, Mini DV, DVCam and DVCPRO 25 to DVD or AVI/MOV file.
  • Resume reels of actors, camera operators and producers provided for TV, movie industries and casting agencies. 
  • Verbatim AZO DVD's used for all DVD transfers.
  • Check out the "About Trevor Thurlow" page for samples of DV transfers, as I have worked with DV for years.

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1995 saw a transformation in the video world unlike any seen before: the introduction of Digital Video (DV), DVCAM and DVCPRO (aka DVCPRO 25/D7).   DV provided playback pictures that in most cases were equal too or far exceeded Betacam SP pictures. It also allowed digital video to be easily edited and stored on personal computer and Macs without requiring large quantities of memory, due to using an intra-frame compression scheme, where each frame is compressed by itself.   This allowed the video to be stored in a smaller space than D-1 or Digital Betacam; yet without the  use of inter-frame codecs compressing the video into even smaller spaces by taking bits and pieces from groups of frames (GOP), and then having to reassemble and disassemble every time an edit was made.

Of course, in 1997 Mini-DV was introduced as the consumer version of DV.  It still offered the same level of quality as the professional level DV, DVCAM and DVCPRO 25(D7) formats, but the tape was smaller than a VHS or Hi8 tape.  But the same rule as before with Hi8 still applied: video shot on a $20,000 professional camcorder will look better than video shot on an $800 dollar consumer camcorder.

Resolution of DV/DVCAM/DVCPRO

Just like Digital8, all four formats for NTSC recordings sampled their luminance and chroma at a 4:1:1 level.  This means that the luminance (black & white channel) was sampled at it's full bandwidth of 13.5 MHz, while the chroma was sampled at  a quarter of that for both color channels, with each channel storing their information at a 3.375MHz bandwidth.  In PAL regions only DVCPRO used the 4:1:1 sampling rate, while DV/Mini-DV/DVCAM sampled their luminance and chrominance at a 4:2:0 rate.  PAL DVCPRO, when it reads a tape for the other format, converts the 4:2:0 to 4:1:1 internally.  4:2:0 is also used for NTSC/PAL DVD and ATSC Broadcast standard (for both Standard- and High-Definition broadcast), but what this does, instead of recording it's chroma in 2-channels, 4:2:0 records it's chroma in one channel and averages it's sampling of the chroma.  This reduces both the horizontal and vertical chroma resolutions, however it was determined to work better with PAL's perceived higher resolution.    



 Currently Trevor Thurlow Productions is only able to transfer NTSC DV/DVCAM/DVCPRO 25(D7) recordings.  Also DVCPRO is only available in the regular DVCPRO (aka DVCPRO25 format) for tape transfers. .  SECAM has been phased out for Digital formats, since SECAM was only different to PAL due to the way it transmitted its chroma over the analog broadcast frequencies; digital formats do not use the analog broadcast frequencies, even though they do use the frame rates from the NTSC and PAL standards. 


P2 Recordings

P2 recordings can be transferred to DVD, Blu-Ray as a Data Disc or a Hard Drive.  DV, DVCPRO25/50, which are standard definition, can be transferred to a Video DVD disc for playback on any normal DVD player. DVCPROHD and AVC-Intra files can either be downconverted and placed as Standard-Definition video on a DVD-Video disc, or they can be placed in High-Definition on a Blu-Ray-Video disc.

How To Request A DV/DVCAM/DVCPRO/Mini-DV Transfer

Please fill out the form at the top of the page and I will get back to you with in 2-3 days.  Please be advised that I will not transfer copyrighted, pre-recorded tapes (i.e. Star Trek: The Motion Picture), as I will not be involved in blatant copyright violation.  

NOTE: DV and Mini-DV are the exact same format, just the tape size is different. 

Also there are two popular tape sizes for DVCPRO: Medium, which is about the size of a Hi8 tape, and Large which is the same size as a large DV or DVCAM tape.  These tapes have a yellow lid and grey body, and are usually marked DVP66M, AJ-P66, etc, and usually are marketed by Maxell, Panasonic and Fuji.  There is another DVCPRO size, DVCPRO-XL, which at present time I am unable to transfer.

Transfers To DVD

All DVD transfers use Verbatim AZO DVD-minus-R discs.  I've used Verbatim for many years and these discs are, by far, the best discs; many other professionals also use this brand of disc. 


Transfers To Video Files

Options include transfers to MP4 and DV-AVI on USB stick or hard drive. 

Transfers To Other Tape Formats

Options include NTSC DV/DVCAM/DVCPRO/Mini-DV to NTSC S-VHS, VHS, DVCPRO, MIni-DV and Betacam SP.

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'Trevor recently transferred the files on three old mini-dv tapes to both my external hard drive and to three dvds. His professional service was prompt as promised, his price reasonable, and his explanations of the quality of my videos clear and easily understood. I recommend his service without qualications.'  - John, Mini-DV to DVD and DV-AVI Files on Hard Drive, March 2015

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