DVCPRO Video Tape Conversions and Transfers

Canada's most affordable DVCPRO To USB transfer service.

  • A personal service by a videographer with 15 years of video experience.
  • Costs just $15 (for USB, does not include USB)/$20 (for DVD) per 60 minutes of video; extra DVD copies are just $12.  Lowest professional transfer prices in Canada, but with the highest quality.
  • Turnaround time of 2-4 days for 6 hours or less.  6.5 - 10 hours require up to 7 days.  More than 10 hours will require additional time.
  • Resume reels of actors, camera operators and producers provided for TV, movie industries and casting agencies. 
  • Verbatim AZO DVD's used for all DVD transfers.

DVCPRO, aka DVCPRO25, was introduced in 1995, was designed for Electronic News Gathering.  Has quality comparable to Betacam SP.  DVCPRO uses the same DV video codec as the consumer level Digital8 and prosumer level Mini-DV formats.  Really the only difference is that the DVCPRO tapes were designed to take a higher level of beating, and higher reuse, due to the requirements of ENG Broadcast News. (Many news organizations would record over previous footage once the final product was delivered. 


Trevor Thurlow Productions can transfer both MEDIUM and LARGE size DVCPRO tapes. Currently only DVCPRO25 transfers are offered.  Fill in the form below to get your tapes transferred to Hard Drive or DVD!  

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