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Terms And Conditions For Video Transfers


Shipping Your Originals


We recommend by Xpresspost through Canada Post.  Any dispute regarding loss or damage to your tapes in transit should be taken up with Canada Post or your delivery service immediately, but we will assist where necessary.

Of course if you live in the Pembroke, Ontario/Ottawa Valley region and would like to drop off your tapes, please send me an email at trevorthurlowproductions@gmail.com or call at 613-281-0790 to arrange a drop off time.



Protection Of Your Tapes


We take great care in handling your tapes.  In the exceptionally unlikely event that we cause damage to or loss of your tapes, we will pay up to $50 compensation per order.  Please note that this does not apply to tapes that arrived in damaged condition or those damaged during playback due to being in poor or fragile condition.


DVD Discs


We reproduce your tapes onto high quality Verbatim AZO DVD-R discs.  Most DVD players will play DVD-R’s, but it is advisable that you check your manual for your DVD player to ensure that it is capable of playback.  It is also advisable that, should your discs not play in a player that your manual says should or that you know has played DVD-R’s in the past, you test them in another DVD player. One of the first signs that your player’s laser is wearing out is that it will not playback DVD-R’s, even though it will playback regular metal DVD’s.


Delivery Time


We aim to complete and dispatch your tapes within 4 days.  For larger orders of 5 tapes or more this may be up to 10 days.  If there is any reason that this could be longer we will inform you.  If you need the tapes back by a particular date, please let us know.


Return Of Tapes


We recommend that you elect to have your tapes returned; this is normally done once you have confirmed safe receipt of the transfers.  A quote for return postage is usually included when you put in your request; generally this is $3.05 for one VHS size tape in a cardboard sleeve within Canada.  Regular 1st class mail is used for this unless you request another type of service.  This is a seperate charge from the shipping of your DVD(s)/hard drive.  If you decide not to have the tape(s) returned, they will be disposed of in due course, we will not retain them.  Any tape that you wish to have disposed of will be erased or rendered unplayable otherwise, unless you specifically give us permission to do otherwise.


Complaints Procedure


Should you have any complaints regarding your transfers concerning our work or a complaint about the quality, please email trevorthurlowproductions@gmail.com and we will attend to your problem promptly.  We can sometimes perform small miracles, you must bear in mind that very poor original tapes will not provide DVD movie quality.


Your Responsibilities

1.        It is up to you to decide whether you have reasonable rights to take a DVD copy of the source material.  We will not get involved in obvious copyright infringement.

2.        We require that you include a copy of your postal address and email address with your tapes and preferably a description of what service you require.  This helps us to get your order processed as quickly as possible.

3.        Please do not use staples in your package.



Trevor Thurlow Productions does not transfer prerecorded Betamax and VHS tapes.  Nor do we transfer Betamax and VHS tapes that contain copyrighted video that was recorded from broadcast, cable or satellite due to copyright laws.  Trevor Thurlow Productions will not be involved in blatant copyright infringement.  If you would like these transferred, please contact the copyright holders before any requests for transfer are made, as we will require a written letter or some other form of documentation showing that you have the copyright holder's permission to transfer the recording. 

For professionals who have video on any of the formats that are listed here, and are doing this to add footage to their resume reels, we will transfer the footage.  However, if you are wanting copies of the footage for distribution you will need to provide us with a letter or other documentation that you either own or have permission from the copyright holder to engage Trevor Thurlow Productions for the express purpose of creating copies.

Website Amendments


We may alter the pricing and information on our website from time to time.  The changes will take effect immediately unless agreed otherwise.  When there are special announcements, such as non-availability for a few days, these will be clearly marked at the top of the web site.



 Trevor Thurlow Productions Confidentiality Policy


Neither your tapes nor your recordings will be sold, used in advertisement or distributed without your express, written permission.  Neither will the recordings be compromised by being placed onto insecure computer systems.




All transfers are guaranteed for twelve months.    All files are kept for twelve months and then are deleted.  Should you require a replacement during this time due to some error on our part, please contact us for replacement.  This does not cover the cost of mailing.  Warranty shall be void should your discs be damaged due to mishandling on the customers part, fire, flood, acts of God, electrical surges or accidental erasure of hard drive due to human error or storage near magnetic fields.




Trevor Thurlow Productions will not be liable for any economic losses (including, without limitation, loss of revenues, profits, contracts, business or anticipated savings), any loss of goodwill or reputation, or any special, indirect or consequential damages (however arising, including negligence, technical failure, or inability to carry out transfers) arising out of or in connection with this Agreement.  




All prices quoted on this website are in Canadian Dollars and any payments from abroad must be made in Canadian Dollars with all currency conversion costs accounted for at your end.  For Canadian residents we are registered for HST/GST and this will be charged on all Canadian orders.


Payment Terms


Unless otherwise agreed, please make money orders payable to “Trevor Thurlow Productions” or you may pay by PayPal to trevorthurlowproductions@gmail.com.  If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please request the necessary details once you have the total bill or invoice.  In addition, if you are in the Ottawa Valley area and wish to pick up in person, you can also pay by cash.


In some cases, by prior arrangement, we will look at your tapes and give a price having examined the amount of material on them. If you decide not to go ahead, you will normally only be charged the return postage of your tapes. In the case of large batches of 10 or more tapes, there may be a small fee for ascertaining the running times, but this will be discussed in advance. 

Return To Video Transfers 

Trevor Thurlow Productions takes your privacy very seriously.

None of your information is passed on to other companies.

Canadian residents please note that the appropriate tax shall be added to your total.

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