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Super8 8mm Film to USB
8mm & Super8 Film.  These two film formats have been around since the 1930's (8mm) and the 1960's (Super8).  However, nowadays in 2020, the projector's needed to view these films, while not hard to find, are starting to break down and parts, such as bulbs, are becoming scarce.  

By using a Wolverine Moviemaker Pro, I can scan your 8mm and Super8 films to file.  (Sorry, I can only do silent transfers right now, no sound.)  Scanning your film at a rate of 2-frames-per-second, this allows for a high quality frame-by-frame scan in 1080p.  I make sure that the whole image is captured, so depending on how far into the sprocket hole area of the film, you could end up with a 1.37:1 image (when there is no picture between the holes) or a 1.66:1 widescreen image (when there is image between the holes.)  I can also put these films on DVD in 1.37:1 and 1.66:1 480p.

Cost to transfer is $15 to go to file on USB stick or hard drive.  For DVD it is $20.  With DVD you get a DVD with a maximum of 2 hours, a custom menu that will link to your different videos, and printed on the DVD disc will be your film titles and a frame from your film.  The disc will come in a standard black DVD keep case, with an insert that features the titles of your films and a frame from the different films.

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