Trevor Thurlow Productions FAQ - Video Production

Q: Do you have a Demo of your work?
A: Please check out the 'About Trevor Thurlow' page on this website.  For Demo's of Transfers, please check out the 'Video Transfers' and 'Slides' pages.

Weddings/Special Events

Q: What video format do you use for taping Weddings/Special Events?

A: Mini-DV (Tape, SD), DV, DVCPRO25, DVCPRO50 (P2 Card, SD), DVCPRO HD (P2 Card, HD), AVCHD (SDCard, HD) 

 *Note: SD equals Standard Definition (480i/p), HD equals High Definition (720p, 1080i, 1080p)

Q: Do you record in High Definition?

A: Yes I do record in High Definition.  My main camera is a DVCPRO HD, for getting close-ups of the bride, while I also use an AVCHD camcorder for getting wide shots of the wedding venue.  Most people only want DVD's, which are in Standard Definition.  High Definition video will look a little sharper on DVD than Standard Definition shot video.  High Definition shot and edited wedding packages can be put onto Blu-Ray, or another option would be if you only wanted DVD, a copy of the final HD master file on external hard drive uncompressed AVI (this file would be at least 100 GB for 60 minutes of  Standard Definition video).

Q: We want to send a copy of our Wedding Video to our great-grandmother, but she only has a VHS player.  Can we get a VHS copy with the package in the place of one DVD?   She's over in Europe, can we get a PAL or SECAM VHS tape?

A: With all our packages you will get 4 DVD copies of the final video.  VHS copies are an extra $20.  Sorry, for VHS it is NTSC only.

Q: When will you set up your equipment?

A: We will arrive an hour before the service to setup.  We will attend your rehearsal so that we can figure out where to set up the camera's so that you will know where they are, and even let the minister know where we will be to get the shots.

Q: Can you do different packages than the ones listed on your site?

A: Yes we can always discuss different options.

Q: Can we get a PAL DVD for use over in Europe?

A: No problem.  But this is only for DVD and digital files; VHS copies in PAL are not available.

Payment Methods

Q: What forms of payment do you take?

For Weddings and all other videos we accept cash, postal money order and certified cheque.

Q: With the Government of Canada phasing out the penny, will you still accept my pennies as payment?

Yes, we will still take penny's as part of your payment, and until possible, still give out pennies. 

You see, even though the penny has been pulled from circulation, it is still legal tender, and it still has monetary value.  It is just like the 50-cent piece, which has not been in wide circulation since the early 1970's, it is still legal tender, and we will still accept 50 cent pieces as well.


35mm Slides and Negatives

Q: What file format will you provide the picture in?

A: JPEG, or if you request another file format, we'll try to accommodate you.

Q: What will be the dimension of the transfers?

A: The photo's will be 2592 pixels by 1680 pixels for photo's shot in the landscape format and 1680 by 2592 for a photo shot in the portrait format.  This is about the size of photo that you would get from a 5.5 mega pixel camera.  You'd be able to get up to an 11x8" photo in excellent quality.  You'll also be able to get the pictures printed out at sizes up to 20x30", but the quality will not be as good for up close viewing, but will still hold up just as well at a distance.  

Q: What do you mean by landscape and portrait?

A: Landscape and Portrait formats refer to how the camera was being held when the photo was originally shot.  If the camera was being held parallel to the floor (as though it had just been picked up off a table) then you would get a shot that would be rectangular.  If the camera was being held on its side, for possible a single shot of one person within a crowd, than you would get a picture that is known as a portrait.  In the above dimensions, when the larger number (2592) appears before the other number that means that the picture will be landscape and when you are looking at the picture the widest sides of the picture will always be pointing to the ceiling and the floor.  When you have a portrait the smallest sides will be pointing to the ceiling and floor.

Q: Can I get a slideshow made from my photo's?

Your discs already come as a slideshow.  The majority of DVD players made in recent years are capable of playing back JPEG images, and thus the JPEGS you have on the disc will play on most DVD players and computers.

 Corporate Videos and Commercials

 Q: We've got an old commercial from ten years ago that we'd like to

reuse portions of in our new commercial.  Is that possible to do? 

A: We can reuse that old commercial.  Please check here to see what formats we can transfer from.

Q: The TV station that we would like to air our commercial on says that they only accept commercials on Digital Betacam/ Betacam SP.  Are you able to provide a Betacam SP copy?

A:  Yes we can provide you with a Betacam SP copy.  What we'll also do for your commercial is, if it's been shot and edited in the 16:9 widescreen format, we'll make sure that the video is recorded on the tape in a 4:3 Letterbox that conserves the 16:9 format within a 4:3 standard definition frame. 









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