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The Story of Uturn

Original TV Airdate: July 23, 2014 (TVCogeco Valley News)

Notes: This is the original version of the story.  I had put my own graphics on the video, since back in 2010 when I produced another story for TVCogeco, I had put all the names on a piece of paper and wrapped it to the tape, and told the people at TVCogeco that the paper had the proper name spellings for the keys.  Suffice it to say, that story didn't have any name keys---so this time I was prepared and TVCogeco put their own graphics over the ones I created for the TV broadcast (TVCogeco also up-converted the story to HD, but played it back in SD for their broadcast).  And while parts were shot in High Definition, the interviews and a few other parts were shot in Standard Definition and both types of video were edited in Standard Definition.  For here the story has been up-converted to 1080p.  I've also included some frames, down below, from the story that either made the video or didn't make the video.

----Trevor Thurlow, July 23, 2014